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2015 Harness Horse of the Year Wiggle It Jiggleit at The Teague Farm in Harrington, Delaware.

HARNESS racing's firework * Global correspondent

It's not about changing the world - it's about changing that moment.
Each day the universe is giving you opportunities to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
Even if they are small random acts of kindness...take advantage of those opportunities!
There are beautiful ideas all over the internet!
I hope you add an "angel deed" to your daily list of things to do!

* Tell a manager about an employee’s incredible customer service. (You complain when things go wrong, don’t you?)
* Listen to people you meet with an open and giving heart. (Listening is a powerful gift.)
* Assist someone by carrying their groceries or packages.
* Let someone go ahead of you in the checkout line.
* Out-of-blue thank someone who impacted your life.
* Befriend a parent on a plane if they look like they need help with their kids.
* Hold open a door for someone.
* Thank a serviceman or woman when you see them.
* Let someone merge in traffic.
* Leave money in the vending machine change slot.
* Put inspiring post-it notes up in public bathrooms.
* Let someone cut in line.
* Leave an extra big tip at your favorite diner.
* Send a card to someone in the military overseas.
* Put a quarter in a parking meter that has expired.
* Give someone an extra compliment at work.
* Be kind to others on the road and let them into traffic.


I’m a mommy, huge Hello Kitty addict, New Kids On The Block fanatic, pageantry lover and total girly-girl, who has seen Gone With The Wind 100 plus times!
I am passionate about Standardbred horse racing so I am using this little area in cyberspace to promote the sport with these incredible athletes who are gorgeous, majestic and work for carrots!
Even though I'm a third generation horsewoman, covering harness racing wasn't the career I thought I'd be doing.
I have always had the secret desire to be an astronaut.
Eileen Collins is one of my heroes.
She was the first female commander on an American mission.
Did you know that Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system?

In fact, if Jupiter were hollow, it would take over 1,300 Earths to fill it up!
Thankfully, I found out early in my education that my brain wasn't exactly science and math friendly. :-) And, my stomach could only handle half the rides at the amusement park.
So, even though NASA isn’t calling & UFOs aren't hiring flight attendants, I ended up with an out-of-this world career.
I have a dream job of being a TV personality for the sport of harness horse racing and continue to make discoveries in my own little galaxy.
From gravitating around two wonderful sons, Wyatt (20) and Trey (15),
to work and charity events and, of course, great harness races...
I hope your enjoying your journey as much as I am.