I heart

HORSE racing

the 4-1-1...

First over with 4 legs!

Horse racing's firework * tv personality

This was a fave clip from the 2014 Post Time show season!
Have you taken the Rice Bucket Challenge?
Imagine how shocked Heather was when she found out it was ICE, not RICE!  

Have you checked out the Standardbred-tacular
Harness Racing Fan Zone?!

In case you didn't know....I do my own stunts!

Thanks to harness racing enthusiast Allan Schott for saying such sweet things about the craziness of this mishap!


Snapshots from The Dan Patch Awards

Sunday, February 21st in Orlando

The new HeatherVitale.com has left alertly from the  starting gate, but we are still under construction! Check back often as we add more Standardbred~tastic stuff!


If you're in South Florida, try you're best to make a visit to Pompano Park! Such a great time and such great racing!

The 2015 season of PA Harness Week is up and rollin'! Miss an episode? No biggie! Just click on the pic and watch any show from the archives!

Thanks to Standardbred Canada and writer Jeff Porchak for officially

making Heather a head cheerleader in Harness Racing!

It's a huge honored to be on this Girl Power list with so many amazing women!



Heather became the first woman in Pompano Park's 51-year-history to announce a race! Take a look at the feature about her big debut from the Post Time show!



If you're wearing socks, this video will knock them off!!!

360Fly, a company based just a few miles from The Meadows, recently teamed with the Meadows Standardbred Owners Association to test out their product on the helmet of Mike Wilder during a race.